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 Love My Vito Plate

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PostSubject: Love My Vito Plate   Fri Oct 22, 2010 4:22 am

Hi you guy's this is my first Post so be gentle with me.

I've had my silver Vito cd 112 since new but its now looking a bit forlorn, It's been on my drive for the last couple of months since I decided to get myself a Lexus IS220 but I must say I do miss it, can't see a thing when you are only four foot off the ground wereas in the vito you get a good view of everything thats going on around being fairly high up.

I've decided to get it back on the road this month so I'll be looking for a good insurance deal - any suggestions!!

Once you have been used to carrying just about anything in the back you don't half miss it.
Can't buy anything from the car boot sale anymore other than the small stuff.
Gota think twice when I go to B&Q for wood, cement or anything else like a new lawn mower, I used to just chuck everything in the back of the Vito before.

I thought I like to run a car for a change but when I went to buy it I couldn't bear to trade in the Vito especially with the V17O CD Plate.
So I decided I'd just hold onto it for a while until I could afford to get it back on the road again.

Well thats it for now.


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Love My Vito Plate
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