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 Vito virgin

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Join date : 2010-02-12

PostSubject: Vito virgin   Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:48 pm

Getting my priorities right. Join the club, compare notes and get advice from people with like interests.
I am an ex. biker, with slim hope of riding again. My black Vito is the style, but needs personalising urgently.
Cheers guys
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PostSubject: hi   Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:46 am

Hi opoes, I haven't heard anything from anybody on here at all, I had a bike before too, got a silver vito a few weeks ago, what year/model is yours? only stuff i have seen is on ebay, got to get some 18s on mine asap. nice bodykits too. If I hear anything I will let you know ok? what do you have in mind? take it easy.
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PostSubject: New to Forum   Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:56 am

2002 Vito Dualiner 110 CDI LWB Owner, comfort pack 5 seater, tints, electric windows, cebntral locking (well, was until a few weeks ago when soemone decided to park their car in the rear!)

Hello all, new to forum but not new to Vito's. I am probably quite biased but I think the Dualiner is the ultimate weapon for enduro riders/mxer's/mountainbikers etc etc. Where else can you find a vehicle that is big enough to carry a full size bike without taking the seats out (just the middle one!) and at the same time give the "ignorant" BMW brigade on the morning rat race a run for their money???? (why oh why is it always a 3 series???) Buy an M5 and do the job properly!

My only complaints are as follows
1) 99- 03 models suffer from rust on doors - a very poor advert for MB as they seem to rust under door strips!
2) Injectors seem to be a problem and also MB only replace all 4 I am told.
3) Heater seems to be a weakness as well.
4) I don't like the way the spare wheel seems to be prone to road dirt/contamination underneath chassis, I suppose someone does a cover?

Apart form that I love the driving position, love the fact that it will take a full pallet in the back or can take 4 golfers and all their paraphernalia with ease, is big enough to argue with 4WD's/Chelsea tractors whilst at the same time being civilised enough to turn up at respectable venues without looking like a transit van.

I am now looking for another one, would like 5 or 6 seater dualiner, would like later model if possible.

Must be near to Reading, Berkshire if possible.
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Location : Neath, Wales

PostSubject: Re: Vito virgin   Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:12 pm

Yeah im a biker too (but off at the moment) due to NASTY hit & Run (Wankers) but yeah vans, Vito especially are the way to go great for being a car, a Van, A People carrier or a bike transporter does everything really never knew why i didnt do it years ago, but thank god i did now, i will never go back to cars, a waste of time, dont last and cost a fortune to run

built my van from scratch

this is the last bike i had started life as a standard road bike and after Silly thousands spent turned into this, and its not just looks the engine is a Formula 2 spec, 600 tuned by mistral race engineers who do the isle of man bikes and sidecars (beats a standard R1 in a straight run up to 160mph............ballistic) goes round corners like its on rails

love the fact there is a UK vito forum, lets get more on it, spread the word and even get a once a year meet somewhere in the UK, pub, club etc just for a laugh
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PostSubject: Re: Vito virgin   

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Vito virgin
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