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 Glass for rear sliding doors

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PostSubject: Glass for rear sliding doors   Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:04 am

Question Hi to anyone who can help. I have just picked up my Vito, its a Silver 2003 110cdi with tailgate. I have just ordered all the insulation and grey cloth to kit out the rear and wondered where I can get the glass to fit the sliding rear doors. I have found a company who convert VW T4's who tell me that will fit it correctly by bonding if I supply the glass, any ideas?

I will get some photos of how its going and post them soon. It is lowered by 50mm already with P1 sports springs and I have 18" geniune AMG alloys fitted. I will be using it for weekends away surfing and mountain biking and hopefully somewhere to lay my weary head.

I also have a genuine set of 3 rear vito seats, I just need to work out how they are fitted, it looks like they have some sort of quick release system on the back of the frame which might lock them in place, maybe they need some sort of slide rail system fitted. The floor is immaculate and looks like it was fitted from new. Can you guys help with this one as well.

Cheers. lol!
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PostSubject: Vito windows   Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:52 am

Hi Jay,
I guess you may have sorted your problems by now!

You can buy the genuine merc glass without openers for about 100 each, they have a light green tint, you can get them for both doors and the rear side panels as well.
or if you look on ebay there is a van window specialist based in Castleford (called Van Windows) that does the door windows in dark tint, I think they're about 65 plus postage. They also sell a fitting "kit". To be honest it's not that complicated, you chop the holes in the van using the inner skin as a guide, prep the surfaces carefully (degrease etc) apply the adhesive to van side or glass..... then whack the window on, tape up and stand back to admire the result!!!
Having said that.....there's a lot that [u]could/can/will probably [u] go wrong, levels, correct amount of adhesive (not enough = disaster - leaks etc, too much = looks like you did it wearing boxing gloves lol!)
Actually when I think about it, it's probably best to get somebody experienced to fit them for you.
There are also plastic inner trims available from Merc, however if your handy with the carpet trimming you don't really need them.

Re the seat fixings, I am in a similar position ie I have some traveliner seats but not quite sure how I'm going to mount them, I'm just looking into acquiring the sockkets.
Don't get mixed up with the quick release V class captains seats that do fit onto a set of floor mounted "rails".
If you learn anything useful please let me know!
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PostSubject: Re: Glass for rear sliding doors   Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:48 am

Thanks Neil for the reply. Yep its sorted paid 200 for the glass at Mercedes and 180 to tint and get it fitted properly, at Mad Developements in Bristol, LOOKS AWESOME, 10% tint. I have decided to get all the glass treated with supa glass in Bristol its 100 per window fitted but worth it to stop the theiving little bar stewards attempting to nick my pride and joy.
Every panel is now insulated and sound proofed and most are covered in a dark grey fabric. It turns out I have a Mercedes factory fit thatcham cat 1 alarm on the van with tow and tilt sensors, so this is being reset tomorrow, hopefully not too dear. I am fitting a Kicker sound system with 3 amps to drive 2 Kicker 10" subs at the rear and a 6" raptor sub under my ass, pioneer components up front and pioneer 6x9's in the roof just behind the rear doors. I am building custom cabinets for them so hopefully this will turn out well.
The guy who is resetting the alarm is fitting a auto shut off sensor so I won't run the battery flat and an auto charger when the van is hooked up to the mains when we are surfing in Polzeath.

I have been taking pics as I have been going along and will post some in the van section.

It looks like it may be Mercedes once again for the kit to fit the seats as they are geniune Mercedes ones. I will let you know if I find any interesting info.

Cheers. Jay. lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Glass for rear sliding doors   

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Glass for rear sliding doors
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